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Software Defined WAN

It is an approach to design and deploy an enterprise wide area network (WAN) that uses software defined networking for effectively route traffic to remote locations.
VIPTELA SD WAN is an application which solves some real problems of Wide Area Networks, experienced by almost every network administrator for e.g,
 Expensive WAN links;
 Packet loss on dedicated WAN links
 Unpredictably varying jitter and loss on Internet-based VPNs;
 Inefficient use of primary / backup links;
 Quality of Service concerns;
 Complexity, resource and staging requirements for branch site network deployments;
Imagine a solution that could :
 Compress WAN data to improve link efficiency and extend life of existing circuits
 Provide network caching for remote branches
 Move traffic dynamically to a link with better performance
 Automatically manage QoS and balance traffic over multiple WAN links based on the application need
 Load balance traffic over two or more WAN links
 Zero Touch Deployment / Zero Touch Provisioning
 Single point of management for all WAN routers.
Redtone is the sole authorized representative of Viptela in Pakistan. Viptela is headquartered in SanJose,California and specializes in Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN technology). Viptela's solution is an industry leading platform which is transport agnostic,delivers secure end to end network virtualization without any burden on cost ,comprising security or creating delays in the roll out of new services. This is all accomplished through an overlay network managed by a centralized controller and implemented through Viptela's vEdge routers.

SD-WAN Architecture