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REDtone delivers a full range of leading-edge telecommunications products & solutions and commits to providing assistance for achieving business excellence. We further aim to provide effective, efficient, and reliable solutions for all communication needs.

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Call Center Solutions

Call centers are purpose-built to provide assistance to customers, sometimes beyond borders. Our multi-country partner routes and beyond belief support teams provide you with mission-critical stability. This level of service helps you as an organisation, focus your efforts on your core operations, and allows you to evolve your business exponentially.

Voice Services

Communication is critical to business success and to the human experience.  At REDtone, we have the capacity to offer cutting-edge solutions that can help you connect every time. With our well-orchestrated LDI network, we act as the bridge between operators, exchanges, and service providers to help connect millions of customers every day.

SMS Services

Our SMS Service offering is built across a robust network through domestic and international interconnects. This helps service providers, as well as enterprise customers, connect to their audiences across geographies. Whether it’s promotional, service, or transactional SMS, REDtone has vast experience in executing large-scale/bulk messaging campaigns – we carry your words to the masses. Customer’s can connect with us through protocols like HTTPs, SMPP or simply use our enterprise portal to execute their campaigns. Our state-of-the-art, cloud-hosted, high-availability application and mobile number portability database gives guaranteed delivery of SMS. Based on the customer’s need, we offer Premium and Standard Service Levels to match customer’s budgetary and Quality of Service requirements.

Call Termination

To cater to a dynamic technologically-driven time, we employ mission-critical switching and billing solutions for industry-leading voice service solutions.  A robust international partner network helps us offer interconnects and voice serviceability across the globe. With a focus on enhancing your performance, we share the load and help you transform your business towards a growth trajectory.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise grade organisations need a unified wide-area network that can securely connect users to applications through any combination of transport services. With REDtone’s SD-WAN solution, our customers have access to unparalleled connectivity across their wide area network, and unmatched visibility and security to ensure they keep performing.

Clean Energy Solutions

Our commitment to our environment is integral to our operations. That is why REDtone offers a host of solutions across LED Lighting. Our teams design and manufacture LED products ranging from High Power Street Lights, High Power Tunnel Lights, Traffic Lights, High Bay, Down Lights, Tube lights and Solar Street Lights. Through our partners, we have access to installations across 150+ countries and regions including Europe,  America,  Africa,   Australia,  South East Asia,  the Middle East and Japan.


“We are a firm that has been evolving the connectivity and communications landscape since 2004. In our pursuit of innovation and excellence, we have championed firms and helped build cost-effective and robust interconnects for our customers. REDtone is one of the fastest-growing LDI Operators in Pakistan. We provide cost-effective, quality Voice, SMS, and Data Solutions for international and local markets, catering to retail and wholesale segments. As a licensed LDI service provider, we support wholesale and retail operators to empower their end-users. We are on a mission to build next-generation operability.”


Nadeem Yunus

Group President & Chairman

Elie "Lee" Maloof


Mahnoor Nadeem

RDS CEO and Group Vice President

Javaria Bokhari

Director International Sales

Ahsun Abbas

Deputy Chief Technical Officer

Khalid Sultan Raja

Director Regulatory Affairs


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